Searching For An MBA Dissertation Example: Simple Solutions

Most Convenient Ways To Find An MBA Dissertation Example

There you are: the time to submit your dissertation has come. You thought you had enough, but boy were you mistaken. And now, it seems like your days have all come together to form a blurry haze of coffee induced nights and frantically searching the internet for a good enough topic, and ideas to write an even better paper.

Worry not, here’s some help.

First, the absolute worst to start a dissertation is to start it late. MBA is a tough subject, and even tougher are the exams you need to take and the papers you need to write to be actually able to get a job when you graduate. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you need to turn your dissertation in, make sure to start searching for ideas to help you along the way.

But, if that were the case, you wouldn’t be reading this.

So, here are some ways to help you out at the eleventh hour.

  1. Look at academic journals: You can find these easily in your school library or local bookstores and shops. If you have the time, find out whether your school publishes one that compiled the papers written by graduate students. Once you get a hold of these, read through them carefully. They will not only give you ideas about the topic but also teach a thing or two about the formats.
  2. University websites: If you do not have the time to go to the library, you should check out websites of various colleges and universities. Almost all of them have vast databases that have a compilation of papers by past graduates. You will find certain help.
  3. Custom paper writing: This method is generally not favourable in the eyes of most since it equates to getting outside (and often paid) help with your paper. Therefore, save this for when you absolutely have to turn the paper in and have achieved nothing. There are hundreds and thousands of websites that help students with different parts of their dissertation. I have found this site, as an example. You can call upon them and related others for help.

Keep in mind, though, that when you hire such a service, you check all their credentials and stay in touch with the writer. Help them out as much as possible, and take your paper in parts.