5 Quick Tips To Help You Create An MBA Dissertation Cover Page

An MBA dissertation is probably the most important academic assignment that you’ve ever worked on. Thus, you don’t want a poorly written cover page to spoil the first impression of your paper. You need to create an appealing title page, which is simple, plain, and effective. The following tips from DissertationExpert will help you attract the readers and satisfy your professor requirements.

How to Craft an Effective Cover Page for Your MBA Dissertation

  1. Learn what elements you should include.
  2. A typical cover page contains the work’s title; the names of the program, department, and school; your personal information; your academic advisor’s name and title; and a copyright statement. However, check out the instructions given by your professor first.

  3. Follow simple formatting requirements.
  4. You should be attentive to details, e.g. remember to include your full name, don’t place the page number, put enough space between lines, and so on. It’s a good idea to get a dissertation formatting manual and study it carefully.

  5. Double check all the provided information.
  6. It’s important to write everything in the same way as it appears in other documents. You need to double check the spelling of your supervisor’s name and title, the name of the program, etc. Typos can ruin the positive impression of your work too.

  7. Find a good template.
  8. Having a well-written sample or template saves your time and helps you avoid common mistakes. It’s recommended to download a document compatible with your software so that you won’t spend time setting up the required formatting.

  9. Ask your classmates to help you.
  10. If you’re in a hurry, ask your friends to help you check your title page. They may also easily catch mistakes like the wrong date of submission and provide you with a good piece of advice. So, print your work and invite your friends.

How to Find a Well-Written Cover Page Example

  • Visit the website of your MBA program and check the materials provided about the dissertation.
  • Go to the school’s library, find a few sample papers, and use the same organization and formatting to create your title page.
  • Ask one of the top students to share his or her documents or tell you where to get a qualitative example.
  • Use your search engine and look through the results for images, which often contain scanned title pages of submitted assignments.
  • Study the resources provided by college writing centers; they usually offer downloadable templates of academic documents in different formats.

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