Choosing the right PhD Thesis Topic

Choosing the right PhD thesis topic

It is crucial that for your thesis, the right topic is selected. Though this can be a challenging task, choosing the right PhD thesis topic plays a significant role in the outcome of your thesis. Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself when deciding the right topic for your thesis.

  1. Is your topic of choice currently relevant to the trends in the ongoing research, and is it related to your study?

It is important to research and see the topics that are submitted to your department in the past few years. This allows you to see which topics are currently relevant and what is the ongoing trend in your university. This enables you to choose the topic that is not too vague.

  1. Is there enough existing literature carried out to support your thesis topic?

Existing literature is important for the success of your thesis. This allows you to write better on your topic. Existing literature also allows you to gain insights on what your research objectives would be.

  1. What are the existing hot trends in your subject area?

Existing hot trends such as current issues, recent publications and ongoing research in the world enables you to gain information on what is missing in the field and thus helps you to determine the topic that you are after.

  1. In your thesis topic, which theories are your planning to apply?

Applying the right theories for your research is important. Your approaches enable you to narrow down your PhD thesis topic. A descriptive approach cannot be used to tackle analytic research questions and vice versa.

  1. What research approach of philosophy are you planning to use?

It is important to ensure that your chosen thesis is feasible and can be completed in the given time. Thus it is important to choose the topic that can achieve its conclusion in the stipulated time.

  1. Do you have access to different research tools and data related to your thesis?

Having existing data and research tools and data related to your thesis enables you to have an advantage by using your existing information to complete your thesis. Thus it is recommended to choose a topic that you are completely familiar with and enjoy working on.

  1. How is this research topic going to enhance your future career?

It is important that the topic that you choose for your thesis is going to fuel your career. Your PhD is an important part of your future career therefore, you should ensure that whatever topic you choose for your dissertation, it is going to aid in the development of your career.


Deciding the right topic for your thesis is the most important step in ensuring that your thesis will be a success and will help you develop your career. By asking yourself the above questions, we hope that you are able to narrow down on the topics and choose the right one for your doctoral.


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