Computer Science Dissertation Themes

Writing a dissertation is at the core of post-graduate students, and it offers them an opportunity to write on a topic that intrigues them and work independently. Researching assignment topics and essay questions are easy, but coming up with a topic on your own can be a challenge to students. For post-graduate computing students, there are many areas that they can research and write.

Computer science is the study of technological systems and computers. It is also the practice and theories used to support information technology. Unlike electrical or computer engineers, computer scientists deal with programming languages, application evaluation, and software programs. The following are the significant areas of study virtualization of computer interfaces, information systems, system security or computer networks, artificial intelligence, and project management within computer science.

  • An analysis of different algorithms and technologies for indexing and parsing multimedia databases
  • Visualizing text categorization with machine learning and complex hierarchical structures
  • Improving the value of organizational knowledge management with informational technology
  • The application of artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising
  • Designing a cloud-based management information system for the oil and gas industry

Security, network, and hardware dissertation topics

Security of network is the activities designed to protect the reliability and usability of the company’s network structure and information together with hardware and software security measures. Network security measures include preventing malicious activities on networks, monitoring potential attacks or threats, and monitoring access to the network. The goal of network security is to secure organization computing assets and information resources.

  • A lab test to test the performance of TCP on Ethernet LANs on the Ubuntu operating system
  • Security and privacy risks of authenticating electronic ID cards through the Internet
  • Preventing relay attacks and boosting the overall security for smart card network transmission
  • Designing an effective and effective intrusion detection system for 5G GSM networks
  • The performance of VoIP through Ethernet LANs and wireless networks

Algorithm, programming, and software dissertation topics

Software is an assortment of computer programs, documentation, and procedures that perform activities or tasks on a computer system. It comprises application software that ordinarily performs productive tasks to computer users, system software like an OS that manages computer resources, and provides service to application software.

  • The design and development of document management system using web technologies such as HTLM, and XML
  • The design and development of work mapping and room scheduling system using genetic algorithms
  • Implementation and evaluation of genetic algorithms for resource allocation in an industrial complex
  • Design and development of web-based security framework for monitoring network intrusion
  • Techniques for boosting open web-based APIs
  • The design and development of an exercise workout tracking application for Android smartphones

Information systems dissertation topics

Information systems refer to a collection of persons, data, and activities that process data into information in a company and comprise the company’s automated and manual processes with human-computer interaction.

  • The challenges of designing and developing an information system for massively huge healthcare institutions
  • The e-recruitment systems: The challenges and opportunities
  • Opportunities and challenges of migrating to web-based management information systems
  • The challenges of managing web-based information systems
  • The risks and threats of web-based information systems
  • Evaluation of collaborative social media network tools for collecting and classification information from user strata
  • An investigation of government policies for adoption and diffusion of technology in government operations
  • The impact of cyberinfrastructure and the Internet on the job market and income in Turkey

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