How to create dissertation acknowledgements: tips and tricks for students

An acknowledgement page is a vital part of a dissertation. It comes at the beginning of your paper. All dissertations have an acknowledgment page. Continue reading on if you are confused on how to write an acknowledgement.

What is an acknowledgement page?

The acknowledgement page can be regarded as the area where one can thank the individuals who aided them when they were writing their paper. You have the ability to show publicly others your appreciation of those people who aided you out.

Where to put the acknowledgements?

Often the acknowledgement page tends to be put at the beginning of paper. It can be placed on the cover page as well as copyright page. You may place it before your Table of Contents.

Who to include?

No rule is present on who to encompass within the acknowledgements. But, mostly authors have the following people:

  1. Family
  2. You can include your parents, siblings, spouse or even children who aided you in completing your research.

  3. Sources
  4. You may thank those individuals who helped you in your research as well as gave you data along with case studies to incorporate within your writing. You may include those who took out time so that you could interview them.

  5. Supervisor
  6. This is a good place to thank your supervisor who guided you in your work.

Guidelines of what to include

Make your acknowledgement page only one page when it comes to length. It is a good idea to go over other acknowledgements examples so that you can get some good ideas from others who are in your field or even from other fields.
You need to give reasons of why you wish to acknowledge those individuals that you have included. It is better to use words that are short and not very wordy.

It is not advisable to have everyone included within the acknowledgments. Only have those individuals who are the closest and aided you most. For instance, if you want to thank five children it is better to acknowledge them together within one sentence.
To make the acknowledgements perfect, you can get someone to review it so that they can tell you if you mistakenly left someone out. They can advise you on whether you have written it in a good way.

If you follow this then hopefully you will have a wonderfully written page which tells of those individuals who you wish to thank that aided you in completing your dissertation. Check out for more tips on how to write a succesful dissertation.

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