How To Write A Literature Review For A PhD Dissertation: 5 Recommendations To Consider

If you are working towards a PhD in literature there is a great possibility that you have encountered dozens of literature reviews while conducting research. One of the most important requirements in writing a dissertation in this discipline is composing your own literature review. But even with all the previous examples you have encountered you might still find yourself having trouble getting your thoughts and ideas down efficiently and effectively. Here are five recommendations to consider:

  1. Find a Writer’s Resource Cite
  2. There are a number of great writer’s resource cite that have free downloadable content like samples, tip sheets, and instructions for writing several different types of literary assignments. You may even be able to submit your work to be critiqued before you have to submit a final copy to your advisor.

  3. Write Your Draft to be Similar
  4. Use resources taken from the writer’s resource cite and compose a draft so that it is similar. This is only a draft so you can focus on broad aspects like logic and matters of presenting textual evidence rather than sentence construction or proper grammar. You’ll be able to revise these details later in the process.

  5. Revise Your Content for Publication
  6. Have a look at your draft and consider what improvements you need to make to prepare it for publication. This method is highly effective and prepares you for a professional career in which you will regularly submit work for publication. If your literature review for the PhD dissertation reaches the level of publication writing, then you can be sure it will earn the highest marks possible.

  7. Have a Colleague Review Content
  8. After you’ve completed your final draft you should have a colleague who is familiar with this style of writing to review your content. If you’ve done a great job the person shouldn’t be able to tell it apart from what a graduate student may have written to what may have been printed from an online journal.

  9. Hire a Professional Writing Company
  10. Lastly, why don’t you hire a reputable writing or proofreading services to take on your assignment and get it done correctly the first time? This will save you time you can use to focus on other responsibilities and you can rest assured that the piece you receive will be delivered to you discreetly and ready to go. This website is a great resource for getting samples of this kind of work and to have an expert provide you with content written entirely from scratch.

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