What To Do If You Got Stuck Writing A Geography Master’s Dissertation?

Many students feel the same way you do when you got stuck writing a geography Master’s dissertation. This can happen for many reasons. This is different than any other kind of assignment you have ever done in your college career. This is kind of a turning point in your life. After you complete your dissertation, you are no longer a student. You will have become a scholar upon completion.

Extremely large independent project

This dissertation is the largest thing you have ever written. No one is there to check up on you. You are completely alone to complete this huge project. Some people have a very difficult time with this. They don’t know how to keep motivated or how to plan something this big. This is your first real test of what you have chosen for your career. You need to hopefully complete this dissertation and then launch your career based on what you’ve written. This is extremely stressful and causes most students to freeze right at this point.

Is this what you really want?

You need to decide if getting your doctorate is important to you. Maybe you should talk to family and friends to help work through what you want to do. Sometimes it helps to talk with your advisor and others in your peer group to see if you really want to do this dissertation. You must decide what you want to do with your life and decide if completing this dissertation is going to be needed for what you want to do.

You have decided to write your dissertation- now what?

You have decided it is important to write your dissertation. So now you need to decide on a topic. This is a huge decision. It must be something you are passionate about. This may be something you will build your career around so choose it wisely. Find something that will make a difference in today’s current world. Speak to your advisor. Begin researching like you have never researched before. Find what you want to change in your field and land on a topic.

Make a plan

Create a plan of how, when, and where you are going to work on your dissertation. Plan some time each day to do some kind of work on your project. Make it a must that something is done on it daily. Create some kind of timeline and stick to it. Be disciplined. Set mini goals for yourself that you need to meet. Stay determined to complete your goal of writing your dissertation. Understand that this is your full-time job until it is completed and treat it that way.

You will need to rely on a huge support system to make it through your dissertation. Your family, friends, peers, and advisors will be a huge help. This online thesis writing service can also give advice and help you find the will and the way to complete your geography master’s dissertation.

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