Where to Get Original Dissertation Sample?

If you are beginning to think “who can write my paper”, and would like to see how others formatted their content and structure, there are a couple of places that you can search that will provide you with valid samples. Looking online may not always be your best bet, unless you are looking in a credible location.

Ask Those Who Have Been Through the Process

Many times, college professors will have copies of their dissertations still and may be willing to let you examine them for structural reasons. If you strike out with this method, just look around. There are many people who have completed a doctoral or Master’s thesis.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if they are in the same chosen field that you are. The pro of finding someone in the same field is that reading their thesis may spur an original idea. The con is that it is easy to take away too much information and the temptation to plagiarize is greater. Finding someone in a different field will help you look at more of the structural aspect, but it may not be formatted in a way that is suitable to your topic.

Look Online in Credible Places

Many dissertation papers are published online for review, but don’t just jump and put “dissertation example” into a search engine. Check out colleges that have professors in the field, and usually in their biographical information, you can find a link of a paper that they have published. The problem with finding a random paper online is that you may question its credibility. Asking an advisor for credible places may also help lead you on the right path.

Your own college or university will probably have some good places for you to look for samples as well. Seek out the department that may help you in this arena, and they will surely lead you to the right person or site that will help guide you along the way. This isn’t their first rodeo, and through their past experiences they may have information to share on what is reliable information and what isn’t.

Samples are meant to be guidelines, not a place for you to steal thoughts or information. They can be helpful when trying to format your thesis properly, or when you are looking for an original idea. The key is to make sure that you are finding a reliable source of information, because you don’t want to be misled and follow a sample that is not correctly written or formatted.

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